• Used Surfboards

    Chubbysurf.com is your source for USED SURFBOARDS period! "We cater to everyone that has a request for something, nobody is left out"! Our prices on USED will always be affordable, our shipping and handling procedures are top notch and our rates all over the world are the best, $65.00 (ground UPS 5-10 day delivery) Chubbysurf.com will continue to filter in USED surfboards of all types ( longboards, shortboards, fishes, quads, etc.) and updates as much as possible. All surfboard purchases are first come first serve basis. Email us or call, if you have a specific request!
  • Vintage Surfboards

    Chubbysurf offers great vintage collectibles at a great prices! Just think, NO AUCTIONS, NO OUTBIDDING , no additional fees! We have alot of variety and conditions to fit everyones budget! We have extensive collectible knowledge (checkout what Ehow said about us) Any assistance you may need, we are always available! Our shipping options and our packaging is top rated. Look for our rating scale on each item (1-10 condition), 10 being best to give you our opinion on the boards overall quality! We update our VINTAGE SURFBOARDS every week! Additional pictures can always be obtained, email Eric@chubbysurf.com or call us at (805) 573-0739!
  • Decorative Surfboard

    Used "non-surfable and surfable" foam/fiberglass surfboards cheap, cheap, cheap and "surf" a purpose! They come in various sizes and shapes, see wall hanger surfboards today!
  • T-Shirts

    Our Chubbysurf.com tee shirts and stickers have arrived! Just in time for the summer, get your special someone the coolest surf shirt and sticker now! Tee shirts just $15.00 each, stickers $1.50 each!

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October 2nd, 2014

Chubbysurf.com is your global website, established for 13 years online, shipped over 6000 surfboards!

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